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BETA Update: Players Guide in-progress

This has been an ongoing project behind the scenes and our goal is to complete a full player’s guide before exiting the BETA phase of the game. We have been releasing updates and tweaks to the rules and guides the last few months with each Chronicle email, and trying to get ahead of questions, but we’ve been struggling with balancing time to complete the various sections of this book and running an ongoing game at the same time. We’ve also been made aware that some players haven’t fully read the updates from those emails, the website or in the discord announcements, particularly around player agency, courtship and scandal, and the Regency setting itself.

Before that full guide compilation is complete, a lot of this is already posted on the website; it is essential for players to familiarize themselves with the rules and setting of any game they’re engaged with. The Regency era can feel complicated, particularly with social etiquette and peerage titles, but there is a wealth of information to be found online that staff can clarify for how it applies to the Yours, Etc. world.

Click on these links for the most updated information:

Things we're working on currently:

  • letter writing guide (for mailing strangers / new characters)

  • a 'new character' and a 'marriage mart' highlight with the active characters page

  • a guide to peerage and titles

  • tweaking mechanics for wealth and other standing to be more active in the game-world

  • expanded chaperone and etiquette guides

  • expanded household NPC guidelines

  • active world NPC page and profiles

  • adding to the writing team

  • logistics of second characters and game balance

  • world history outline (note: the only things modified from the real regency so far are social and political norms decreasing sexism, racism, ableism, etc., and resistance and rebellion against widespread colonialism. Classism and social judgement is still very much tied to the YE version of the Regency)

  • 'Player-plus' volunteers for welcoming new characters and creating connections

Have questions or something you'd like to see expanded upon for the players guide? Send us an email or open a Goblin Ticket on discord.

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