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A limited run, inclusive contemporary fantasy LARP by post.  Use the medium of ink and paper to sway potential allies, spar with rivals and scheme to amass the most influence before the Court is dismissed; it is every person, living or undead, for themself.


Promis Vampirim "game-on" begins February 2024.

Game runs for 9 consecutive months with two digital events.

Game wraps up October 2024 | $45 monthly | Narrative-focused

The Setting

The four clans have been called to Conclave for the first time in 200 years. Rumors for the reason circulate, but this is known: the future of the Promis Vampirim is in question and you will have a Hand in shaping it...

This Chapter focuses on the personal and political struggles between members of an ancient order, Promis Vampirm, a blood oath that transfers the living to the undying.  Within those ranks, there is a tense power struggle, as the balance is maintained by the the strict adherence to the Sovereign and its collective agreement of secrecy and brotherhood;  in order to  survive in a new and ever-brightening world, these creatures of darkness must band together.

Under their appointed Magistrates, the elected Leaders of the Clans: Nyxic, Dral, and Neo, and The Comar Vitalis - the valuable humans that move beside and between these creatures - the members of the Court must steer the next era of Vampire History.


Which would be excellent, in theory.  Violence courts romance, and betrayals spar with alliances as the members of the undead Court vie for power and influence upon their world, and the world at large.


You take the part of either a member of the undead blood lines scheming for love, power, or influence, or a Comar Vitalis, a skilled and valuable human that has been allowed to glimpse, and possibly join, the dark powers at their work... 


Dear Esteemed Member of the Order, 

You are hereby called to Conclave by our Sovereign, to take place the first week of February in the modern year two thousand and twenty four... 

The Sovereign - eldest among the Vampires, and leader of the Vampirim - has called you to Conclave for an unprecedented announcement...

Your character goals are your own:

Will you push for tradition and maintaining the status quo of secrecy?

Will you advocate for modernization and integration with humanity?

Will you choose instead to tear the whole system down?

It's entirely up to you...

31 October 2023

Create Your Character
Green Paint Stroke_edited_edited.png

All are aware of the dark machinations that go on in the unseen court, but must choose what side to play for.

 Each Faction comes with an ability that can be used and Ideals that they hold dear:

Nyxic: Blood of the Ancients, The Thing in the Dark

The Nyxic have ties to the first Vampires, the reigning Sovereign, and possibly the Mystics themselves. They have inherited Magiks to exert Will over Fate; they are the most secretive Clan, clinging so deeply to the shadows that many get lost in it.

Dral: Old World Master, The Dark Aristocrats

 Vlad Tepes, Ezebet Bathory, Cain. The Shadow of the Dral clings to many of those figures remembered by history as violent killers, unmatched warlords, cunning manipulators and creatures too powerful to merely be of mortal blood. They make as powerful friends as they do formidable enemies.

Neo: Modern Monster, The New Breed

 Born just shy of a century ago, these creatures possess an understanding of the modern world that few of their peers can comprehend. Their inclusion in court has been hotly contested, but the Vampiric court may need these young blood vampires if they wish to survive.  They know how to use snapchat too. 

Comar Vitalis: The Human Element

No mere appetizer, Comar Vitalis have been recognized by the Vampiric Sovereign as a valuable and protected asset.  They are agents, advisors, family, lovers and most importantly, Not Bound By The Dark Magiks. This means they're not bound by the Fates and their cards, and can intervene as they see fit.

The Mechanics
Promis Vampirim oracle deck (5).png
Promis Vampirim oracle deck (4).png

With heavy emphasis on written role play through letters, characters are welcome to charm, befriend, lie, spin tall tales and offer (or collect) favors to achieve their goals: do what you can to steer the Fate of the Promis Vampirim to a future you most want to see. 

Promis Vampirim oracle deck (2).png
Promis Vampirim oracle deck (1).png

These cards are imbued with some of the dark energy that created Vampires, and once issued, become a binding part of the Vampire's fate. These cards can not be traded or changed unless they invoke a vampiric power, or convince a Comar Vitalis (Human) to trade or pass along for them. Fate Cards can be turned into the clan leaders to weigh in on matters of Court, and make up the deck that the Mystics draw from for the final ruling on the future of the court.

Fate Cards are in-game tokens, and hold significance to the Promis Vampirim. Each Clan has a color suit that represents it, and a meaning behind each of the (10) Ten cards that are contained within.

More cards can be gained during in-game events, or by doing tasks for The Broker, A mysterious 3rd party who offers augmentation cards to make your pull on the threads of fate all that much stronger.

Cards can also be used to complete Broker requests, along with a letter explaining how you're using the ideal on the card to achieve your goals. While all Clans have their particular Ideals, Any card in the deck currently in possession of a Vampire or Comar Vitalias may be sent in as their attempt to complete a request or as your submission to the Grand Pull.

Each character begins game with a Hand of Fate - four cards with unique actions that can be played (submitted to game), traded or sold  (through the Comar Vitalis as agents).

The Cards of Fate you play will shape the Final Pull - an Oracle reading by the Mystics on the Fate of the Promis Vampirim.

Promis Vampirim oracle deck (1).png

All in-character interactions take place through physical letters, sent to a central P.O. Box to be sorted and forwarded to the recipient character.

Digital co-ordination and community takes place on the Active Player Discord server.

Promis Vampirim oracle deck (2).png

How the Mail Works

Write. Send. Sort. Receive.

Write your letter (either by hand or typed and printed), and scan it as a pdf to upload through our site.  Mail your letter to our central P.O. Box, where it is sorted and forwarded to the recipient, maintaining both players' privacy. Your count of letters sent is tracked automatically so that you know when you're close to your included 15 per month and can purchase more. Letters to NPCs do not count towards this cap.


Letters received is unlimited in number...

2024 applications closed.

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