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Notable World Characters

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Find a list of notable introductory world characters (NPCs) which are available to correspond with.  This list is updated when necessary, and rotates as they become available for correspondence, or as the story dictates... players may find additional NPCs to write to through play.

Available for Correspondence 

Updated January 2024

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The Eldest among the Vampirim and leader of them all.  This mysterious figure rules from the background and little is known about them or their origins. Legend says they're the first but no one alive or undead knows for certain. The Sovereign has called the Conclave of Clans together for a declaration unlike any other...

Address letters to:

The Sovereign

Derinkuyu, Turkey

'The Mystics"

 The Dealers of Fate are the ones who are responsible for the caretaking and maintaining of the Dark Magiks that keep the court and its members 'alive'. Be warned, they are secretive and cryptic and though you can reach out to them, their answers may be more riddle than insight.

Address letters to:


Correspondence occurs through their acolytes as they are never directly available.


"The Broker"

No one knows where they came from, but they are rumored to be the only other creature outside of the Mystics that has the power to, if not change, then augment the Fate cards, provided the highest bidder can fulfill their requests...

Address letters to:

Continental Holdings Administrative & Office Solutions

P.O. Box 58008 Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman KYi-1600

Correspondence occurs through their assistants as they are never directly available.


NYXIC Magistrate

Mauro Ottavio ( He/Him)

Left slightly mad from the sheer amount of time he has spent alive, Magistrate Mauro is a long lived creature, whose roots began somewhere in medieval France or Italy, though rumors clash and differ.

Socially, he tends to be approachable to most but has    

Address letters to:

been known to fly to fits of mood and madness. Tempt him with some bit of history or occult text and watch him lock himself away for years in sheer fascination for learning and discovery.


Mauro Ottavio

50017 San Regoli,

Province of Siena, Italy


DRAL Magistrate

Ms. Laila Badawi- Ayad (she/her)

A “modern” royal, Laila is the head of a beauty empire, with a hand in every luxury skincare giant. She’s seen as proof that her anti-aging formulas work miracles in the human circles who can afford them. She's constantly on the move (no surprise considering her Bedouin roots) and she keeps her personal history close.

Rumor has it she was Turned in the second century by a lover and left her life in Egypt shortly after. Rumor also has it she’s looking to expand her empire and develop a real skincare miracle of her own. 


Ms. Laila Badawi- Ayad

℅ Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

P.O.Box 74147

Dubai, UAE

Address letters to:


NEO Magistrate

Helvetica “Hel” St. Clair (they/them)

Turned in the late 1970s, Hel has assumed countless guises over the years, constantly reinventing themself depending on the latest craze or fad (particularly when they can subvert whatever current vampire tropes are en vogue with the humans).

The only thing that has stayed the same is their distaste for the conventional and their excitement over advancing technology, particularly space travel.

Helvetica St. Clair

999 Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA, USA

Address letters to:


HUMAN Vizier

Mr. Theodore Adriano (He/Him) 

A bespoke gentleman of advanced age, Mr. Adriano is arguably the oldest beating heart in the Vampirm, but it is a warm one. He is always respectful and polite, willing to listen to any member of any Clan on their concerns and opinions. He saves his best sage advice for his fellow Humans of course.

Mr. Adriano's family hails from Spain and can trace their lineaged connection to the Vampirim back at least nine generations. Rumor has it that he has been offered a place in each Clan at least once or twice, but has elected to keep his humanity and serve the Vampirim until the end of his natural life.

Plaça Gala i Theodore Adriano 5, 17600 Figueres, Girona, Spain

Address letters to:


Lydia McKinney (She/Her) 

No details, just a name. The Fellowship of something?

Address letters to:

17 Urlar Road

Aberfeldy, Scotland, UK

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