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VOL. 1

A subscription-by-post that immerses you in a dark gothic romance set in Victorian London during the infamous Ripper crime wave.  Follow their tale through 18 letters received over the course of 9 months... 

with some surprises along the way.

The Inkwell Historical Society Welcomes you.

Our Archives have just come into the possession of a set of rather interesting letters...

Our members - yourself included - gain exclusive access to a piece of history that has never been discovered. London 1888 is an unlikely place for love to blossom considering the terror in Whitechapel.  Just who were Helena and Lawrence, and will the mystery of the Ripper finally be solved?

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inkwell historical society logo sun.png
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Follow the correspondence between Helena & Lawrence

     Helena Sims.

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Among the myriad challenges that face women of the 1800's, Lady Helena must navigate them all; having swiftly ascended the ranks of social status from humble, working beginnings, she longs for simpler times when faced with the razor's edge that is Victorian High Society. Serious, practical, and perhaps a bit odd, she would rather immerse herself in her books and what research notes she might sneak from her late father, rather than waste time twirling around ballrooms or squabbling with other ladies for the attention of a gentleman.


But her short-sighted brothers, pleasure-obsessed and unwilling to support a spinster sister, urge her to marry quickly, upending the quiet, private existence she prefers.  Under Threat of losing her family's support, Helena must now find a husband to keep her, but with few friends and no suitors, and an already harsh label of nouveau riche outsider, her chances to save herself from an ungraceful slide back into squalor, seem slim to nothing at three and twenty.

Lawrence Warren.     

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 Raised on romantic notions of Knights and Ladies, the eldest son of the Warren family is a prize suitor in the eyes of any eligible lady, or more importantly, her parents.  Lawrence is highly respected with a strong sense of justice, no doubt born of closeness to his uncle, Commissioner of the London Police.

Kind, compassionate and chivalrous, as a child of the touted "Love Match" of his parents' marriage season, he has nearly fairytale notions of what love and marriage might be: a tight-knit family that he aspires to one day emulate in his own grand romance. With the wealth to provide for nearly any eligible he chooses, he's found little among the various glittering jewels to spark true.  Enacting his plan to find true love at all costs - and keeping it - turns out to be more difficult than he understands.

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Letters are mailed the 1st & 15th of the Month.

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to SAVE 10% off a monthly subscription plan.

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How the Story Unfolds

9 Months of Discovery.

Intercepted letters, diary entries, newspaper clippings and more, the story of two lovers plays out over several months amidst the terror of Jack the Ripper's London. 

Twice monthly receive the next part of the story, unravel the truth, and learn more about the sordid history of London 1888.


Content is for subscribers aged 18+.

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