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How to Play

Write & Receive Post

Yours, Etc. is a live action role playing game played by physical mail. Create a character in an updated era of the Regency world. Interact with others characters through physical letters: debate, converse, gossip, bribe, find romance, intrigue and more. Immerse yourself in a collaborative storytelling experience from home.

Create Your Character
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Refine Your Character

Everyone has a story, and you shape your character's through interactions with others.  Round out the "voice" of your character to begin the game (or develop it as you go).

Your character is a full person within Regency-inspired London. Their choices are up to you.

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Write as Your Character

Take on your character's persona and correspond with other players' characters through letters.

Characters take on a life and voice of their own. 

Letters become as simple or as elaborate as you like. They can have an air of 'all business', or stand as small works of art on their own. Handwritten or typed and printed, there's no "wrong" way to create your correspondence.

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Steps to Character Creation



Apply for your spot in Chapter One by completing the form HERE.  There is a maximum of 35 PC spots available. 

Once approved, you'll receive a welcome email with a link to subscribe to chapter one with the billing information (set to begin on January 1st, 2023.   Those not randomly picked for chapter one will join a waitlist in the case of an open spot. 


Join the active-player discord server and look for your first game-mailing and game-on the first week of January 2023! 


How the Mail Works

Write. Send. Sort. Receive.

Write your letter (either by hand or typed and printed), and scan it as a pdf to upload through our site.  Mail your letter to our central P.O. Box, where it is sorted and forwarded to the recipient, maintaining both players' privacy. Your count of letters sent is tracked automatically so that you know when you're close to your included 15 per month and can purchase more (optional).


Letters received is unlimited in number. and NPC letters do not count towards the letter cap each month...

Closes Dec. 10, 2022


The Rules of Decency are Universally applied.

No matter the gender, sexual orientation, or social station, the same rules of etiquette apply: Do not be caught unchaperoned with another person of eligible/marriageable status, do not be caught engaging in physical or intimate contact, and under no circumstances shall you be caught dueling, or worse cheating at cards!

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