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Notable World Characters

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Find a list of notable introductory world characters (NPCs) which are available to correspond with.  This list is updated by the first of each month, and rotates as they become available for correspondence or as the story dictates... players will find additional NPCs to write to through play and the game publications.

Available for Correspondence 

Updated June 2023

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Rt. Hon. Liege Jonas Lockewood, Esq.

The private secretary to the Queen, The Liege Lockewoode is efficient, straightforward, and controls the Royal appointments. Getting on their good side may increases your chances of an audience or invitation. Go through them to reach any member of the Royal family.

Address letters to:

Rt. Hon. Liege J. Lockewood, Esq.

Office of HRH The Queen

Buckingham Palace


note: it is customary to sign off on Royal letters thusly:  "I have the honour to be, Her Majesty's humble and obedient servant"


The Right Reverend, Right Honourbale John Randolph, Bishop of London

The Bishop of London (Anglican), is a conservative figure, and author, against political unrest and civility but moderate in his connections and sympathies.

Address letters to:

The Bishop of London

St. Paul's Churchyard
Ludgate Hill.

London, England


A mysterious figure of rumour and speculation, his notorious reputation precedes him as one who can get either information or goods of all sorts.. for the right price of course.

Address letters to:

"For My Friend"

14 Postern Row


note: This NPC is only available for those with a starting connection or who make a connection in game.

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Geetha Kumar, Clerk

Ms. Kumar is the metaphorical gatekeeper to the Admiralty and military post. She has heard it all, and seen it all, and is absolute in her duties.

Address letters to:

The Admiralty House
SW 1, 
London, England


Baroness of Morden,
The Lady Elizabet Grace

Ever-present at events and in Town, this Lady makes it her business to know who is doing what and with whom.  She may even share it if asked...

Address letters to:

The Baroness Morden

Fiarview Manor

18A Stratton St.


The Heiress
Miss Catherine Long

Daughter to one half of the ownership of the Long Overseas Index Shipping company, this Heiress knows how to have a good time, but does she know how to run a successful business? Regardless, she always smells divine.

Address letters to:

Miss Catherine Long

The Long Overseas Index Brunswick Docks, London

The Eyes of the Ton

The eyes of the ton are ever watchful... mysterious, threatening, they have an agenda that begins with blackmailing a selection of Society members. Follow their instructions.. or not? 

Address letters to:

1313 Weaver's Run

London, England

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