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Dear Writers, LARPers and History Nerds (especially all three in one person);

We’re HIRING Creative Writers for our Plot Team to take on the role of NPCs to write letters and summarize monthly character activities, brainstorming and general shenanigans focused in a modified-Regency era setting.

This is for you if:

  • You have the intersecting interests of writing experience and LARPing

  • You are familiar with Regency era time-period (or can learn quickly) and the tone of writing

  • Spelling and grammar and copyediting are high on your skillset

  • Communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively.  

  • Can brainstorm ideas with the team and see them through in writing to meet deadlines.

  • Are familiar with Discord servers (a bonus but not required)

  • Are creative and can effectively story-tell in a collaborative way.


Send us a writing sample and note of interest through the contact form below.


Yours, Etc.,

The Letter Ink Creative Team

Write with Us...


Apply here to join our Creative Team...

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