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The Mechanics

Each character begins game with a Hand of Fate - four cards with unique actions that can be played (submitted to game), or, traded and sold (through the Comar Vitalis as agents).

The Cards of Fate you play will shape the Future of the Promis Vampirim.

Fate Cards are in-game tokens, and hold significance to the Promis Vampirim. Each Vampire Clan has a color suit that represents it, and a meaning behind each of the cards that are contained within.

These cards are imbued with some of the dark energy that created Vampires, and once issued, become a binding part of the Vampire's fate. These cards can not be traded or changed unless they invoke a vampiric power, or convince a Comar Vitalis (Human) to trade or pass along for them. Fate Cards can be turned into the clan leaders to weigh in on matters of Court, and make up the deck that the Mystics draw from for the final ruling on the future of the court.

Playing Cards
The Cards

Cards can also be used to complete Broker requests, along with a letter explaining how you're using the ideal on the card to achieve your goals. While all Clans have their particular Ideals, Any card in the deck currently in possession of a Vampire or Comar Vitalias may be sent in as their attempt to complete a request or as your submission to the Grand Pull.

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Promis Vampirim oracle deck (4).png
Promis Vampirim oracle deck (2).png
Promis Vampirim oracle deck (1).png
Playing Cards

Cards may be played at any time by mailing in the card accompanied by a letter of explanation (in character) on how you intend to use the card being submitted. 

Cards may be used in one of three ways: 

1. To vote in the Oracle Reading done by the Mystics on the future of the Vampirim. 

2. To complete actions or tasks given by the Broker. 

3. To support actions taken by a character for any other reason (i.e. increase the odds of success).

Each Clan Card has a number associated of either +1, +2, or +3. These numbers indicate the strength of the card to be played. A +3 card is weighted more heavily than a +1 card and is taken into account for the Mystic Readings. 

Numbered Cards

For Example: Voting

Submit a Wealth +3 card. "Dear Friend, Included you will find a delivery of one million US dollars in untraceable nonsequential bills. I trust that my preference for the Vampirim remaining in secrecy is made clear."

Gaining Cards
Promis Vampirim oracle deck (1).png

More cards can be gained during in-game events, or by doing tasks for The Broker, A mysterious 3rd party who offers augmentation cards to make your pull on the threads of Fate all that much stronger.

Characters can trade or buy cards from each other through a Comar Vitalis through gameplay (i.e. write to each other to make a deal!). 

Some cards can be stolen through the use of an augmentation card (aka a Broker Card), which can be earned by completing tasks. 

Promis Vampirim oracle deck (2).png
Oracle Readings
Mystic Oracle Readings

Nearing the end of the third and sixth month of game, a "progress reading" will be done by the mysterious figures know as the Mystics.

These readings will use the cards that have been submitted to the head of the Clans by characters to place their votes for the Fate of the Vampirim. Each character - Vampire and Human alike - may vote for the direction they would like to see things go.

Votes are made by submitting a card(s) through 'secret ballot' with the envelopes included in the player welcome package. The final dates for submission of these votes are written on each envelope. When voting, add this secret ballot vote in with a letter detailing how you are using a vote.

Results will be released by Clan Leaders via letter.


Nearing the end of the ninth, and final, month of game, every card that has been submitted towards voting on the Fate of the Vampirim will be used to make one final oracle reading to determine how the story ends. Results will be released by letter and on discord on October 31st, 2024.

Broker Cards

Broker cards exist outside of the Deck of Fate, with a magic all their own; they are dealt by an unknown figure known only as "The Broker". 

The beginning of the first, fourth, and seventh month of game, The Broker Market releases tasks, or 'Broker Jobs', available to the Vampirim to bid on and complete.


Characters may write to the Broker and bid on a task to complete, receiving a job dossier in response. The narrative(s) that catch the Broker's eye (and / or ones that are boosted by Fate Cards, will complete the task and receive a reward in the form of a Broker Card.

Promis Vampirim oracle deck (4).png
Promis Vampirim oracle deck (5).png
Broker Cards

Broker cards may be traded, sold, given, and sometimes stolen.  The details will be on the card itself.  These cards - while outside the magics of the Deck of Fate wielded by the Mystics - are able to augment the Fate Cards in ways most beneficial to the wielder (or mildly detrimental to another). 

They are, arguably, the most powerful cards in the game. 

Clan Cards

Each Clan has cards unique to them. The starting hand for all Vampires is made of 2 cards from their suit, and two cards from the full deck, all randomly dealt.  Comar VItalis starting hand is made of 4 cards randomly dealt from the full deck.

Promis Vampirim oracle deck (6).png
Promis Vampirim oracle deck (8).png
Promis Vampirim oracle deck (9).png
Promis Vampirim oracle deck (10).png

Nyxic Cards (+1, +2, +3 for each)

  • Intimidate: This represents the Nyxic’s desire to stay hidden in the shadows, to be more myth than fact. The best offense is a healthy fear of what might be looking back from the darkness.

  • Magik: This represents the Nyxic clans close ties to the magicks that have given them unlife.

  • Legion: Wherever there are aimless groups in search of a master, guide or teacher, the manipulative and cunning Nyxic are not far. 

Dral Cards (+1, +2, +3 for each)

  • Property:  This represents the buildings, estates, historical sites, safe houses, or anything else they've accumulated. 

  • Wealth: This represents the importance of wealth and keeping what's yours. Money and assets

  • Illuminati: This represents the Dral ability to benefit from power vacuums, elite clubs, or a secret society.

Neo Cards (+1, +2, +3 for each)

  • Symbiotic: This represents the Neo's fonder ties to the living and ability to find ways to exist around them.

  • Progress:  This represents the ways that Neo can exploit and manipulate the modern world.

  • Tech: This represents embracing modern tech like artificial light and a digital world. 

Comar Vitalis

​This Clan does not have its own suit in the Deck of Fate, but can manipulate it in small ways by trading, selling, giving, and purchasing cards between any character or Clan.

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