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A limited run, inclusive Regency LARP by post.

Send and receive physical mail, discuss, charm, scheme, bribe and curry favour to keep your secrets, or discover others', in an inclusive Regency World...

Chapter One "game-on" begins January 2023.

Game runs for 12 consecutive months with a July plot break (mail will flow).

Game runs through December 2023 | $45 monthly | Narrative-focused

The Creativity of Correspondence, the Magic of Physical Mail.

In the summer of 2021, for nearly a year, we (a small group of gamers) BETA tested our Regency World as an epistolary LARP inspired by the letters and history that we loved. We learned what worked, what didn't, and what was sustainable for both players and staff.  With that in mind, a NEW version of a historical letter larp is almost here! We're excited to host a limited-run, focused game of collaborative storytelling around a central plot arc... the outcome of which is entirely up to players trough their character's letters.

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The Setting

The Regency Era, London1813.  

It's not a historical re-enactment, but a game of intrigue based in a historical period.

The eyes of the Ton are ever watchful...

The Regency era is characterized by a strict code of public behaviour: never be caught unchaperoned if you are eligible for marriage, be mindful of social status, and avoid scandal at all costs... if you can.  In Yours, Etc. these 'rules' are universally applied no matter the gender (Liege, Lady, or Lord), sexual orientation, or relationship preference (monogamous or non).


Dear Esteemed Member of Society, 

I am sure this letter will come rather as a surprise for you, considering the substantial effort taken to conceal what I am also sure you would rather be kept hidden, preferably in an unmarked plot of land six feet below the prying eyes and incessant curiosity of Society... let the game begin...

What you thought was long (or recently) buried, is threatened to be revealed...

Your character goals are your own:

How will you respond to the possibility of being in scandal?

Will you seek help, or choose any means necessary to save face?

Can you solve the mystery of just who is sending these letters?

It's entirely up to you...

London, 1813

The Mechanics

With heavy emphasis on written role play through letters, characters are welcome to charm, befriend, lie, spin tall tales and offer (or collect) favours to achieve their goals.

Each character has a one-time use seal of mark to be cashed in at their discretion for an automatic RP success with an NPC. Mail in the mark with your letter, and the reply will be to your advantage. 

The game is in the writing, the story built through letters.

Each character has a special skill to use - once - to turn a situation to their advantage.

Characters begin the game with one character as a friend, one as a rival, and one NPC as a starting connection.

Create Your Character
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How the Mail Works

Write. Send. Sort. Receive.

Write your letter (either by hand or typed and printed), and scan it as a pdf to upload through our site.  Mail your letter to our central P.O. Box, where it is sorted and forwarded to the recipient, maintaining both players' privacy. Your count of letters sent is tracked automatically so that you know when you're close to your included 15 per month and can purchase more. Letters to NPCs do not count towards this cap.


Letters received is unlimited in number...

Closes December 10th

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