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An immersive tale between characters... 

A storied subscription delivered twice monthly.  Follow the tale between two characters through their letters.

Letter Ink is a rotating team of dedicated gamers who enjoy sending and receiving mail, love community and have come together to build something incredibly fun, engaging, and player-experience focused. 

Yours, Etc. Chapter One  is a live action role-playing game by physical post, set in a more inclusive Regency World. Interact with others through postal letters: curry favour with Royalty, gain position and reputation, earn wealth and power, for you or your allies... by any means necessary... 

The Inkwell Stories, Vol. 1 is a full correspondence between two characters among the chaos of Jack the Ripper's Terror of London.  Follow their exploits and story, and immerse yourself in an epic tale.  

NOW PLAYING: An epistolary larp (live action role-play by physical post), of political intrigue and personal struggle between members of an ancient order: The Promis Vampirim.  Connected by a blood oath that transfers the living to the undying, within The Order, the balance is maintained by the the strict adherence to the Vampiric Ruler and a collective agreement to secrecy. In order to  survive in a new and ever-brightening world, these creatures of darkness must band together.  Under their appointed Magistrates, the elected leaders of the Clans: Nyxic, Dral, and Neo, and The Comar Vitalis, the valuable humans that move beside and between these creatures, must band together through 

The Deck of Fate to steer the next era of Vampire History.

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