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Player Forms FAQ

With players and staff being from literally all over the country (and a few international), we've set up a system that let's GMs and staff track information and storylines remotely. We wanted to clarify what form gets used for what and when...

1. Monthly Recaps

This is for letting the Plot Goblins specifically know about things players want to highlight about their PCs or that have changed in the last month (or more) for both general knowledge and for game publications. This could be updates to a character backstory as their history unfolds, soirees and social events and minor social missteps, or updates to courtship and character interactions that don't fall under what would be considered major scandal etc.

  • Who: any active character

  • What: backstory updates, meaningful social interactions between characters, what you want highlighted in a publication or for Plot Goblins to know, non-scandalous updates

  • When: it's not required but the 14th of the month if you have something to share

  • Why: so the GMs know what's up, get the gossip to plot with, and can plan how the world responds to these actions and info

  • Where:

2. Important (Major) Events

Engagement, Marriage/Divorce, Scandalous activity (for the Regency era like sexual liaison, gambling - well, cheating at gambling anyway, murder, duels, treason... all that fun stuff), goes in this form before making it canon.

Since this game doesn't have the benefit of tone of voice, body language, or any of the social cues that help with in person interaction - but we're still focused on collaborative storytelling - it's important for out of character (OOC) player negotiation and consent for highly-charged emotional events, such as romance and courtship and world-effecting scenes.

Every player involved in a major event (particularly major scandal) needs to be aware and negotiate/agree out of character, before things are put into game or made canon. We love some character drama, and love that players do too, but it's important that everyone knows OOC the major things happening (even if you decide one or more characters don't know), or character bleed, hurt feelings, and straight-up rules breaking can occur.

  • Who: every character involved in a major event or major scandal activity that wishes for it to be made canon in-game.

  • What: marriage, divorce, affairs (note: affairs happen outside consent of ethical non-monogamy), murder, kissing or more/sexual liaison or pregnancy before marriage, gambling/cheating at cards, duels, political unrest, etc.

  • When: anytime before making the event canon

  • Why: to make sure everyone involved is aware and consents to major character events and the effects it will have (the world responding appropriately); to keep the number of player scandals to a manageable level and within the monthly cap, and to make sure sure nothing contradicts or bumps up against the world itself or other plot points.

  • Where:

3. Print Submissions

This one is pretty straightforward: articles, artwork, poetry, opinions and letters to the editor, responses to something written about a character (whether another PC or your own), advertisements, basically anything you want to add to a game-publication.

  • Who: any active character with something to say or contribute

  • What: anything PCs would contribute to a game publication

  • When: the 10th of the month to give staff time to plan out the content of publications

  • Why: seeing your contributions in print is awesome, it gets PCs involved with the larger world and potentially with other PCs who wish to respond to what players contributed

  • Where:

4. Other

Occasionally the game puts out a temporary form, or wants to track specific things, like fashion and who wore what, in a separate place so it can more easily be found and added into the game. Here are a couple of additional forms players can use if they apply:

Have more questions about the forms? Send us an email or open a discord ticket!

Yours, Etc.,

The Letter Ink. Team

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