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A Letter Ink. Love Note...

Dearest Friends,

Roughly one year ago, a group of history-loving, letter-writing gamers came together around the Regency period and connected through the post at a time when connection has been so difficult for everyone. We created story, drama, mail as art, friendships, and then we created a game of our own.

We opened Yours, Etc. as a BETA game to try something new, and see how our initial vision for an epistolary larp in a period setting would be received, and see what worked and what needed tweaking. And so much of it worked well. The excitement and support has been incredible, the joy from receiving mail (and these small pieces of art called letters are gorgeous) is like nothing else. It's been a challenge, but one we are ultimately glad we took on.

Letters mailed to Yours, Etc.

However, running such an ambitious game of this scale as an ongoing project with such a small team, simply isn't sustainable on an energetic level long term. We're proud of what we've done to-date, but it is time to wrap up our BETA phase and ultimately close down Yours, Etc. and look to what's next.

We don't feel right just ending things abruptly. We've all - players and staff alike - invested heart and time into a world and characters who took on lives of their own to enrich our real ones. We want to create a sense of closure to this iteration of game and make space and time for those characters (and players) to create an ending to a story, and discover those things that hadn't yet had time to be fully realized.

Given this, we've set a timeline of June 1st 2022 as our final day. We will have one more London Chronicle in May, and one more Scandal Sheet (for those who want to go out in a blaze of notorious glory) shortly after. Our final publication will be an Epilogue Letter set in 1822, a reflective sendoff on what happened to and with our characters.

Active Players, please submit character information and exploits for the next Chronicle, Scandal Sheet, and Epilogue HERE. Tell us what you want to see in print, what you want shared, any shadows that should come to light, and what happens in the next ten years. For those we don't receive information from, we'll mildly speculate and lament their absence.

We've anticipated some questions around this wind-down and the logistics associated, so to pre-emptively answer a few of those:

1. THE MAIL: The final day to scan letters will be May 31st. Any letters received during the month of June will be forwarded on. Anything received beyond then will be lost to the abyss of unreliable Regency post. This is an opportunity to have final words, gossip from the last Chronicle, say character goodbyes to connected characters, and generally wrap up any remaining and open correspondence.

2. SUBSCRIPTIONS: We'll be cancelling all active subscriptions on May 1st. Players may request to instead be cancelled on May 20th to help absorb any remaining costs of producing the Epilogue and lingering postage.

3. THE DISCORD: The discord server was created with a community in mind, to come together around a common interest and connect around a shared love of gaming and history. That hasn't changed, and for now the server will remain open and connected to Letter Ink.

For any other logistical questions, or help with how to wind down characters, please open a help ticket on the discord, or email

The major takeaway from testing a BETA larp of this style, is that we all love writing and receiving letters. And that is something we want to keep (or get back to) doing. So that's what we're going to do. After we wrap up on June 1st, and take a break, Letter Ink. will be back in the fall with two new projects, both limited run.

If you'd like to leave the team any love notes of your own, comments are open here, and we welcome posts in the #YEOldHype discord channel and tag @yeteam @mod or @gobins.

It has been a pleasure, and there's definitely more to come.

With Love & Gratitude.... Yours, Etc.

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