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A New Adventure Begins...

Great stories unfold over time.

After winding down our BETA playtest of Yours, Etc. larp, we needed a break, but the creative ideas and need to write remained. So while we paused and regrouped, reorganized, and started to plan for Yours, Etc. Chapter One (stay tuned!) Inkwell Stories was taking shape.

Inkwell Stories is still at the heart of Letter Ink.'s focus: letters, but with a twist. This new adventure is an epistolary story that unfolds over time for readers to discover, unravel, and enjoy. Each Volume (ie. contained story) is revealed letter-by-letter mailed directly to subscribers. And each letter comes with additional material like newspaper clippings, diary entries, time-period notes and more, all there to support and build a richer story.

The Inkwell Historical Society is our fictitious organization responsible for acquiring the letters and sharing them with its members (that's our subscribers!). It's unclear how these letters came into possession, but the Archival Interns - I mean Assistants - are hard at work making copies and digitizing the historical find. Avery, one such Archive Assistant, has decided it is their duty to add some rather enlightening commentary and information to the mailings, and some bonus material and links to the digital archive. Each letter is in period writing, with a link to read a plain text version and make extra discoveries.

Volume One focuses on the newest acquisition of correspondence: set in Victorian London 1888, the terror of Jack the Ripper has begun while two eligibles - Helena Sims and Lawrence Warren - are brought together to find a match for marriage. An unexpected series of events and host of connections to untangle brings up the burning question that was never publicly solved: who was Jack the Ripper?

Having swiftly ascended the ranks of social status, Helena longs for simpler times when faced with the razor's edge that is Victorian High Society. Serious, practical, and perhaps a bit odd, she longs to immerse herself in her books and late father’s research notes, but her short-sighted brothers, pleasure-obsessed and unwilling to support a spinster sister, urge her to marry quickly, upending the quiet, private existence she prefers...

Meanwhile Lawrence, raised on romantic notions of Knights and Ladies, is a prize suitor in the eyes of any eligible lady. He is highly respected with a strong sense of justice, no doubt born of closeness to his uncle, Commissioner Warren. He is kind, compassionate and chivalrous, and as a child of the touted "Love Match" of his parents' season, he has fairytale notions of marriage. But finding true love - and keeping it - turns out to be more difficult than he understands…


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