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Household NPCs: a supporting cast

A Regency household is truly its own village...

Players may choose to use player-controlled minor NPCs to help facilitate the main plot of their PC. 'Household NPCs' might include a character's family members or staff.

The focus of this game (any LARP or tabletop really) is, and always should be, on the main PCs. Generally, players don't have NPCs, they only have their PC. We initially made the decision to allow some 'household' NPCs to enrich the stories of Regency-era characters. Members of the Ton would have large staff, large families and a family name to use (or lose), and we wanted that for players to add to their backstories and experience.

We've found that it's really tempting and far too easy without strict guardrails in place, to pilot these minor characters as if they were full PCs. That's not fair or sustainable on the GMs or to other players, and frankly isn't in line with the rules of the game or scope of play. Players who want to have more than one active character can apply for a secondary character beginning March 16th.

The following apply for all Household NPC Characters:

1. Household NPCs are subject to the same rules and scandal guidelines for PCs. Any proposed Major Scandal a household NPC would engage in (to support the main PC storyline) counts towards the player’s Major Event cap for the month. Note: prominent historical figures and GM-controlled / World NPCs cannot be household NPCs without prior GM approval. They may already be (or planned to be) involved in World plots or another PC’s backstory or Shadows.

2. Sometimes a household NPC might be shared between PCs, such as family members. For these shared NPCs, players designate and agree on who has primary control over the household NPC and what actions the NPC is likely to undertake. Both parties should discuss and agree upon any Major Events involving that shared NPC per Rule 2, Major Event Negotiation.

3. Household NPCs over 18 may be present at game-wide monthly events where the main PC attends. However, their presence must support the main PC’s storyline. Any ads that might mention a household NPC must still feature the main PC and be from that character’s point of view.

4. Players may correspond with (and as) a household NPC, deducting from the player’s monthly letter cap. No more than 20% of a player’s letter cap can be used to correspond as a household NPC.

5. Unless specifically supporting the main PC's plot, household NPCs are not romanceable in-game, can not participate in Small-Chat Role Play in the discord community, or generally interact as a PC might. The focus should always be on the main PCs and the interactions and correspondence between player characters.


Find the full rules & regulations here:

Have questions? Email or open a discord help ticket.

Yours, Etc.,

The Letter Ink Team

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