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Thems the Rules.

note: This will be the first of several updates on game mechanics, rules, getting into and out of scandal IG, new ways to connect with the world, and a fuller world history.

As the game evolves and we're now 7 months officially into this journey, we've been able to clarify things and really narrow down just what our priorities for play are, and simplify the rules of our game. It comes down to this: we have 3 Simple Rules to be able to engage with this game.


A good rule for life and our number one game rule (and community norm): Be a good human (out of character). We're an inclusive game company and as such, we will not tolerate discrimination in any form. (If for some reason that word is new, we have questions as to why, but here's a definition: discrimination is a bias against someone based on race, gender, religion, age, physical appearance, disability, sexual preference, country of origin, occupation, etc.)

Characters can certainly be shady, judgement-filled, gossiping, scheming rakes, but players need to be excellent to each other. Period.


Story actions or Major Scandals that directly effect other characters require all players involved to agree and consent Out Of Character (OOC) to those story beats. This consent and communication must occur whether the characters would know in-game or not, to maintain Player Agency. Further, we must ensure any proposed plotlines do not bump up against a player’s triggers. All players involved submit the proposed character events through the Important Event Form. The Creative Team GMs ensure the proposed plot aligns with the world setting and then can plan for these events (and how the world responds).


This one's a bit more in depth.

Players decide and control what their PC thinks, feels, does (being genre and game appropriate), and writes. Just like any in-person LARP or game, anything beyond controlling their own PC moves beyond a player’s scope of play. The GMs curate and run the game world. Making world-controlling actions without prior GM approval alters gameplay for the entire game. It can potentially impact pre-planned individual PC storylines, undermining Player Agency. Finally, it creates unnecessary work for our beloved GM Plot Goblins.

Scope of play also includes “Household NPCs”, or Non-Player Characters controlled by PCs. Players may choose to use these player-controlled minor NPCs to help facilitate the main plot of their PC. These ‘household NPCs’ might include a character’s family members or staff. Household NPCs can not act like secondary characters, and so we'll be doing an update all on it's own for the full and complete household npc rules that fall under under scope of play.


Find the full Rules & Regulations here.

That's it really, 3 simple rules. Have questions? Feel free to email or open a ticket on the discord server.

Yours, Etc.,

The Letter Ink. Team

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