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Past Events

See what events have come and gone for the Ton during our BETA testing phase, and read through the moments created...

Yours, Etc. events are designed with the intention of creating moments of interaction between characters for letter fodder & providing context or a reason to write to someone.
They are not intended for lengthy roleplay.
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Mardi Gras Feast

Mardi Gras, translated as 'Fat Tuesday', is the final feast before the Catholic holy day of Lent. 

Hosted by Lady LaBelle.​

Guests will be treated to music, entertainment, and of course, an opulent feast in the grand tradition seen by those at Versailles.  The evening will culminate with a display of fireworks on the promenade.

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Once Upon a Time... A Fairtale Came to Life.


In honor of the publication of Kinder- und Hausmärchen (Children's and Household Tales by the Brothers Grimm), The Honourable Mr. and Mrs. Violet Hughes cordially invite you to step into a fairytale ball and support literacy efforts for undereducated children of London. Fancy dress requested in a manner lightly-inspired by your favourite fairy tale character in honour of the occasion...

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See what Magic - and DRAMA - the theater contains.


The Grand Reopening of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane is a night to enjoy and celebrate the arts. Opening back up to the public for the first time since it burned down in 1809, the Playhouse is proud to showcase the return of the famed Drury Lane Company.


Patrons are invited to enjoy refreshments while taking in a unique art collection that Lady Essex has so far kept unseen by London Society. Stay and mingle in a Grand Ball following the performance & create, delight in or observe...

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The magic and suspense of All Souls is upon us, and Spirits only know what the night will hold. 


The Marchioness of Ailesbury has opened Bruce Castle to the Ton for a new kind of masquerade - where the disguise is more than the mask.  Get lost in the dance of the Calypso Quadrilles, try your luck - and learn your future - at apples dunking, and explore the castle and grounds to unearth some truly monstrous secrets...

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His Grace, the Duke of Somerset, invites you to his storied Scottish home, Dunrobin Castle, for the Highland Bells & Highlander Ball. A competitive steeplechase and picnic followed by a genuine Highlander Ball. But there shall be so much more to do than dance the whole night. What secrets linger in these ancient halls? What secrets might you create under the light of the full moon?


Come away with us to Scotland and see what the host, and the castle itself, have in store for you...

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August 12th, a day steeped in tradition. 

Dorset lay in anticipation, the Hazelton estate of Athelhampton a bustle of activity as preparations are underway to host hunters from far and wide to compete for the Lady's token and be the one to claim the season's first grouse. Celebrants gather in the gardens for a glorious afternoon tea spiced with gossip, fashion, music, and refreshments...

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