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Royal Reception

The Russian Ambassador(s) have arrived in London with their entourage. The Dowager Duchess of Buccleuch & Queensbury has graciously offered to host a Grand Ball at Montague House to welcome them and be introduced to greater Society. Everyone who is anyone - and some who aren't - are on the guest list, yourself included...

Yours, Etc. events are designed with the intention of creating moments of interaction between characters for letter fodder & providing context or a reason to write to someone.  They are not intended for lengthy roleplay.
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How the Event Works

1. RSVP to the event and let us know your character will be attending (whether or not you as a player are participating). 


2) ISO/ad: Write a brief, open-ended situation which involves your character and is open to at least one other person.


3) Reply: An interested character writes their hypothetical involvement/reaction to the scene, being flexible with how the moment might end.  Note: Your reply should be interesting. Don't just reply to an ad because you feel obligated. Not all replies can be accepted, because there are a limited number of accept actions.


4) Accept: Choose replies, including writing a brief "final word" to cement the event resolution.

Choose between having a Lump Sum of ads, replies, and accept actions or having Budgeted Caps on replies and accepts.


For both Lump Sum and Budgeted Caps, the number of ISO/ads and the sum of all actions is the same: When a Lump Sum player has expended all of their actions, they can't do any more replies or accepts. When a Budgeted Caps player has expended of one action type, they can't make more of those but they can still make their allotted amounts of the other.

Event 2 Invitation Chapter 1 (2).png


Click the images below to access the airtable forms and views for this event.  You will need to have RSVP'd and have your Player ID number handy.


Let us know your character will be attending the event by September 9th.


OPENS 9/10 via email

Create an open-ended moment with your character ad see who picks it up...


OPENS 9/10 via email

Read what ISOs are available and choose which to reply to...


OPENS 9/13 via email

Reply to ISOs and write the potential next part of the interactive moment...


OPENS 9/16 via email

Accept the replies to your own ISO that intrigue, delight, or scandal...



Read the final moments and know what happened at the event for letter writing.

The Prince Regent and his estranged wife Princess Caroline have been arguing over their daughter Princess Charlotte, the entourage to the Russian Ambassadors have been causing a ruckus in London, and the Eyes of the Ton have tightened their threats to Society. This ball should prove to be anything but boring.
Event 2 Invitation Chapter 1 (2).png

What could possibly go wrong?

ISO Ads are created in area locations at a chosen time, with a chosen interaction style.  This helps players track their interactions through the event, and increases immersion for this digital component. 

Remember: you can not be in two places at the same time! 
Russel Party Palace Floorplan - YE  event 2 (1).png


Choose the Location for your ISO Ads:

Ballroom, Courtyard, Dining Room, Gallery, Gardens, Library, Study.


Interaction Styles

Interaction styles are intended to help a reader interpret what the intention or mood of an interaction is meant to be. The interaction styles for this event are: Bold, Charming, Flirtatious, Playful, Respectful, Friendly, Suspicious. 

Unsure just how to write an ISO? Here are some examples that create open-ended moments for others to reply to. In this case, Lord Muffin is the character posting the ISO: 

1. Entranced by the activity in Gardens, Lord Muffin tentatively reaches out to pet a peacock, completely unaware of the goat coming up behind him.  Are you nearby to give the Lord a warning? Or would you rather see what chaos ensues with the goat, the Lord, and the peacock.

(Location: Gardens, Time: 11pm, Interaction Style: Playful)

2. The aroma of the food is too much to resist and filling a plate Lord Muffin takes a seat at the table, happy for a moment of rest.  The chair next to him is open and just waiting for someone to fill it... Do you sit and talk with him? Perhaps ask a question or simply get to know him more? 

(Location: Dining Room, Time: 1am, Interaction Style: Friendly) 


RSVP from August 20th - September 9th.
Event runs from September 10th - 20th.

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