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BETA Update: Game-Wide Events

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Beginning January 2022, we are moving game-wide events from monthly, to quarterly.

The Ton is known for its plethora of parties, but we want to make sure each game-run event feels unique and special. We also want to give time for players to digest the moments created and incorporate this into letters – which is the whole point to the events, and game itself, after all.

Even though these events are always optional, it has been feeling like a lot from both the player (based on feedback) and staff perspectives. But the Ton is still an incredibly social place, so we’re adding a quick info form you can use between game-wide events to let Plot know what balls you attend, what you wore and what, if anything notable occurred. Quick, easy, and keeps the spirit of the game intact.

Our next game-wide event will be February 2022.

UPDATE 12/19/21

The one 'set' event will be the annual Finale Ball to close the Season in August (the 'last chance for romance'). We would love to see PC-hosted game-wide events (with full staff support and all the features we've developed so far via airtable interaction, invitations & tokens etc.) and are open to proposals for events such as a garden party, horse race, gambling house, etc. We'd love a variety of period-specific events for players to feel immersed in the time and the world. February, May, and November are currently open, and we'll be looking with eye for first-time hosts.

Decreasing the game-wide event schedule opens up staff support for smaller PC-hosted events, such as the Warehouse Art Exhibit from this month hosted by the PC Mrs. Flora Owen. We're able to offer airtable submission & displays for any visually-based event players want to host, such as art exhibits, fashion shows, etc. We can support up to three per month between the airtable, small chat, and any advertising players wish to submit through the London Chronicle or applicable topic sheet publications.

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