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Deciding what your character is interested in will both help to connect with other characters with similar (or opposing) interests, and give you one monthly 'Topic Sheet' centered around specialized information. Additional world events, gossip, reports and more find their way to the characters with a keen eye for particular topics.

Correspondence LARPing is in large part about connecting with other characters.  Having an idea what your character is interested in - in a general sense - will open up for 'conversation starters' that others can introduce themselves with: 

Fashion, Literature, Natural Philosophy, Music, Politics, Hunting & Fishing, Horses & Equestrian, Theology, History, Antiquities, Art (Classical), Art (Modern), World Events, Poetry, Charity Work, Theater, Crafts, Floriography, Science, Travel, etc. 

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Topic Sheets

Choose two topic sheets that would interest your character the most - one from each set - and receive a special print run of propaganda, gossip & scandal, and all the things The Chronicle Newspaper isn't fully publishing... other in-world pamphlets such as political reporting and propaganda will be sent as the need arises in addition to these specialized sheets.

Choose ONE from set A, and ONE from set B:









Set A is a choice of less than reputable publications, while set B is the more respectable pursuits.

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