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"Yours, etc."

A modified Regency-era

LARP by post.

Beta Memberships re-OPEN in APRIL.


Letter Ink is a team of dedicated gamers who enjoy  sending and receiving mail, love community and have come together to build something incredibly fun, engaging, and player-experience focused. 

Yours, Etc. is a NEW live action role-playing game by physical post, set in an alt-history Regency World. Interact with others through postal letters: debate, converse, gossip, find romance, find intrigue, and more. Gather and spread information, create your own story, interact with other characters, and affect the world... 

"Yours, Etc."

The Letter Ink. Team


The Creativity of Correspondence

What makes this Live Action Role Play (LARP) unique is the way it transpires through the written word. As a player, you receive physical letters in your own mailbox from other players and "non-player characters", as well as monthly mailings from the game to help bring you into our version of the Regency era. While this is a different form of role-play than more traditional LARP, many of the common understandings of roleplay still apply.  Only events mentioned in letters or published 'in-game' through the newsletter and other mailings become part of the story.

Regency London 1813

1813, Mayfair, the members of the Ton trade quips, barbs, and flirtations, and display the fashions of the Season. Elsewhere in London, worker unrest is on the rise due to food shortages caused by Napoleon’s blockade on French goods; radical students organize for religious freedom and suffrage of the lower classes. Great scientific and artistic innovations sweep the nation: the first steam train, Ludwig van Beethoven works on a brilliant new symphony, and the notorious Lord Byron turns his hand to poetry. In Parliament, debates rage over how to handle protests against industrialization and the unrest within London.  Members of the Ton gather at house parties & seek advantageous marital prospects...

Write to us, then Write with us.

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